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"SANMOTION F" Series of Stepping Motors with Built-in drivers Now Available

Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd. has developed the "SANMOTION F" series of stepping motors with built-in drivers that can be used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, chip mounters, surveillance cameras, and other devices.

The product is available in two sizes: a 42mm square installation flange and 60mm square installation flange.
The integrated design of the driver and motor enables a more compact installation space and less wiring, and this is combined with a selection function for matching the operation mode to the application for greater operating convenience.



1. Driver and motor are now integrated into a single unit.

A driver incorporating a motion control function needed for driving a motor and a 2-phase stepping motor were integrated into a single unit for enabling a more compact installation space and less wiring.

2. Three types of operation modes can be selected to match the specific application.

  1. Control by command pulses
  2. Program control by general-purpose I/O
  3. Control by serial communication
    (Compliant with RS485, half-duplex asynchronous communication)


Model No. DB21M142S-01 DB22M162S-01
Motor size 42mm square ~70mm 60mm square~88mm
Weight 0.5kg 0.86kg
Holding torque 0.26 N・m 1.05 N・m
Input power DC24V±10%
Operating temperature 0℃~+40℃
Display LED 7-segment display
Protection function Drive overheating, Overcurrent
Basic step angle 0.9°/step
Control mode Command pulse mode Max. command pulse: 300kpps
Step angle selection: 16 resolution types (1/1,1/2,1/2.5,1/4,1/5,1/8,1/10,1/20,1/25,1/40,1/50,
General-purpose I/O mode Number of programs: Up to 16
Serial mode Compliant with RS-485, half-duplex asynchronous communication,
Communication speedF9600/38400bps
Output signal Alarm output, BUSY output, phase zero-point monitor
Safety Standards UL, CE marks

NB: This is a RoHS-compliant product. (RoHS is an abbreviation for Restriction of Hazardous Substances, and it refers to a directive issued by the European Parliament and European Council for restricting the use of specific hazardous substances contained in electronic and electrical equipment.)


Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, chip mounters, surveillance cameras, belt conveyor equipment,
general industrial machinery, replacement of DC brushless motors and induction motors

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