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DC Cooling Fans San Ace
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Counter rotating and large air volume fans for cooling servers and communication equipment offer the top performance in the industry for air volume, low power consumption, and low noise.

Oil-Proof Fans San Ace WF  
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An oil-resistant treatment protects the coils and electronic parts to ensure reliability, even in environments with high concentrations of oil mist.

Splash-Proof Fans San Ace WS/W  
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Suitable as cooling equipment for outdoor use. The San Ace W Series makes use of a silicon coating, while the special housing of the San Ace WS Series prevents water from reaching the motor.
Long-Life Fans San Ace L  
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Runs continuously for more than 200,000 hours, and are well suited for equipment that must operate without maintenance for extended periods.

AC Cooling Fans San Ace  
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Provide long lasting and highly reliable cooling for a wide variety of equipment, from telecommunication equipment to control panels and devices.

Blowers San Ace B  
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Output high static pressure, and perform well in equipment that is difficult to ventilate and generates excessive heat.

CPU Cooling Fans San Ace MC
Liquid Cooling System San Ace MC Liquid
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SAN ACE MC Series is a low-noise, low-vibration cooling fan with superior head dissipation for efficient PC CPUs . The SAN ACE MC Liquid Series is a high-performance liquid cooling system for CPUs with high clock speeds and extreme heat generation.

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